Services Available From Astec Connect

Since 1992 Astec have designed, installed, serviced, maintained and repaired all kinds of signal reception and signal management equipment. From a simple TV aerial installation to a whole housing estate AstecAV have the expertise, knowledge, support and experience to provide a wide range of services to Home & Business alike to maintain their reception and audio video requirements.

At AstecAV we take great pride in our installation work. Cables are run neatly and as inconspicuous as is possible and only the best materials available are used at all times. AstecAV have been proud winners of many installation based awards and so you can be assured of a first class installation every time. For us "that'll do" will not do.

AstecAV can design networks and systems suitable for any requirement whether at your home or business, whether it be for your viewing and listening pleasure or for your connectivity for Wi-Fi, telecoms or distribution of audio and video. We have successfully designed, installed and commissioned systems up to six figures in value.

If you have a reception issue or a distribution system not quite doing what is required of it and spoiling your use or enjoyment of your connected services then AstecAV can provide the services required to make it perform as it should and to its optimum level. AstecAV have the skills required to enhance any system.

If your aerial has fallen down or you have a blue screen or something has stopped working AstecAV can help. We can repair all types of reception & distribution systems. If you watch it, listen to it or connect to it then the chances are we can fix it. Although we do not carry out TV repairs we work closely with partners who do.

If you are looking to have any kind of TV Aerial, Satellite, Wifi, Telecoms or CCTV work done Astec AV can provide you with a Free Estimate* for the works required. Just give us a call and an engineer will come along and discuss your requirements with you and provide you with your free no obligation estimate.

(*Free within our normal coverage area only)

If you are considering a larger project and you need assistance with what is possible and how to plan your project then Astec AV provide a consultancy service to help you build a specification for your needs to ensure that you end up with the experience desired. Poor planning can cause poor performance from your completed project. Call us in early to avoid disappointment at completion.

Astec AV have the latest test equipment available and so are able to test systems and networks to provide detailed reports as to current performance and then recommend any enhancements which maybe required to improve the network or system performance or to ensure safety provision with shared systems in multi-dwelling housing such as flats.  

Astec AV are often called upon to solve issues where others have failed. We can trouble shoot a wide range of reception & distribution systems to ascertain the cause of an issue which can sometimes be due to outside influences and therefore much more difficult to solve or identify. 4G mitigation with TV systems being a particular expertise